Boyd recognizes our role as a global and local citizen and takes our commitment to Environmental, 社会, 以及企业治理(环境、社会和治理)或企业社会责任(CSR). Boyd’s Culture of Respect and Ethics is long-standing and integral to our character. We continue to broaden our 环境、社会和治理 efforts to reflect the global and local impact we have in our surrounding communities because we believe our responsibility extends beyond compliance to better governance, 环境, 社会实践. 我们努力提高业务实践的透明度, 保持我们作为优秀合作伙伴的声誉, 并提高环境和社会意识和意识. We are committed to more comprehensive practices that will help us prevent misconduct that could cause any damage.


We realize we have a significant impact on the environment as a global organization. 像这样, it is our responsibility to define and enact practices and processes that reduce negative effects in our shared home.


Each Boyd employee and everyone we engage with is endowed with undeniable rights and our social policies reflect the highest respect we have for each individual. 从每个人的基本健康和安全到公平的劳动标准, 坚持多元化和全面包容, 博伊德致力于营造积极的工作环境.


Boyd的治理实践不仅努力遵守法律法规, 同时也注重公平和道德的商业行为. 这包括遵守一般业务实践法律要求, 数据保护, 金融, 和会计. 我们行事透明, 管理风险, 防止从个人到公司层面的贿赂和腐败.


We are stewards for the environment and take the responsibility to drive sustainability across our footprint seriously. The health of the communities where we operate and the planet are not only important for the well-being of society, 还有我们的员工和业务. We consciously and deliberately plan and implement 环境 policy initiatives that reduce our 环境 footprint, 气候影响, 废物的产生. 我们尽可能使用可再生能源, 采用更节能的机器, 更新空气和水系统, 尽量减少我们制造的浪费, 降低能源消耗和温室气体排放, and consider full product life cycle from design to introduce more sustainability into all of our processes and technologies. We work to implement circular economy principles that minimize our 环境 impact and conserve resources.


  • Optimize Boyd operations with a focus on the environment to prevent pollution at its source while conserving natural resources. 使用可再生能源,减少整体能源使用量.
  • 尽量减少我们通过回收产生的废物, 有效利用自然资源, 创新我们的工艺,最大限度地利用原材料.
  • Be thoughtful of our products’ full lifecycle from early-stage design to end-of-life, 全面考虑我们选择使用的材料对环境的影响.
  • Prepare for emergencies with response plans to minimize any potential 环境 impacts from operational issues.
  • 遵守全球环境法律, 规则, 规定, 以及其他义务, 包括但不限于:RoHS, 达到, 冲突矿物质, The California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65), 等.
  • Raise 环境 awareness and promote participation in 环境 management programs across third party collaborators like suppliers, 业务合作伙伴, 和承包商.
  • Drive continuous improvement through training, detailed policies, and recognizing excellence.
  • Measure program effectiveness and 环境 performance with objectives that are regularly inspected with frequent executive review.

Learn more about our manufacturing commitment to 环境 management systems and ISO 14001.


博伊德的尊重文化始于我们每天对彼此的尊重. 尊重人权, 实行公平的劳动标准, and implementing safe and healthy business practices are not only the ethical and right thing to do, 但这些都是一家永续经营的公司的标志. 博伊德不允许骚扰和不容忍差异. We strive to cultivate a positive work environment where individuals can flourish and offer their best work, 反过来,为我们的客户提供最好的产品和服务. 我们积极的工作环境不仅适用于我们的组织, 而是对我们遇到的每一个人, 包括第三方供应商和合作伙伴. We expect each individual we engage with to adhere to the same ethical standards.

博伊德聚光灯系列-人力资源 & 人才招聘经理

多样性, 包容, and Anti-骚扰 at Boyd: A Respectful and Positive Work Environment for Everyone

多样性 enhances our culture, helps us serve clients well, and maximizes return for shareholders. 每个人都应该因为他们的不同和贡献而感到被重视. Offering equal opportunity to people with dissimilar talents builds a robust team of experts to gain insight, 为具有挑战性的问题找到更快、更有效的十大正规彩票平台, 在更高的层次上进行创新. 多样性使我们能够为周围的人提供更多的价值.

骚扰, 歧视, and retaliation erodes and permanently damages our culture and positive work environment – and is strictly not tolerated. Workplace harassment has no place in our business including but not limited to discriminatory harassment based on individual characteristics protected by law, 身体或精神伤害的欺凌, 或者性骚扰. We take all workplace misconduct reports seriously and encourage and support anyone to come forward and report behavior that does not comply with our policies and Culture of Respect. Reports are investigated promptly and thoroughly to determine and implement corrective actions and conflict resolution.

我们有意识地努力相互尊重, 互相接纳, 并利用每个人的独特才能,以积极的方式创造价值.


我们致力于平等, 不歧视, 尊重和尊严地对待每个人. 这在世界各地都同样普遍适用, 不管当地的法律框架如何.


  • 联合国世界人权宣言(UDHR)
  • 工商业与人权指导原则(UNGP)
  • International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights and Economic, 社会 and Cultural Rights
  • International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work


现代奴隶制有多种形式,包括贩卖人口, 奴隶制, 奴役, 以及强迫和强制劳动. Boyd does not tolerate modern 奴隶制 in any form and strives to fully comply with all applicable labor and employment laws, 规则, 法规. We implement systems and controls within our business and supply chain to mitigate the risk of modern 奴隶制 across our operations and this applies to all persons working for Boyd or on our behalf in any capacity.

We adhere to regulatory and ethical requirements in the regions in which we conduct business. 我们持续监控, 评估, 防止在我们的业务中出现任何现代奴役的风险.


我们要求自己和那些代表我们行事的人达到高标准, 不妥协的道德, 并遵守我们全球和当地社区的所有适用法律.

我们尊重其他公司,参与并欢迎公平竞争. We commit to compete for business solely on the merit of our products and services. We are firm supporters of and comply with all antibribery laws and under no circumstances will we offer or accept bribes or improper payments.

我们尊重法律,完全遵守法律, 规则, 以及我们开展业务的地方的法规,包括所有的贸易法律, 禁运, 经济制裁. 我们处理数据安全, 隐私, and personal information with the utmost care to keep sensitive data confidential and secure.

有问题? 我们随时准备提供帮助!